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 Nature-based healing is founded in Ecotherapy. Fundamental to Ecotherapy is our connection to the natural world and the environment we live within. At Wild Soul Retreats, we use a range of practices in order to help us connect with nature and ultimately with our 'inner' nature. 

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Some people we have met in person. Others we’ve never met!  The Universe has given us an opportunity to develop such a diverse tribe, people with all sorts of different backgrounds, lifestyles, locations and interests. With each person in our tribe, there is something strong that resonates with us, where they add support, love, beauty, soulfulness and laughter to our lives and where we intend to do the same for them.

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323 West Commercial St.

Lebanon, Missouri 65536

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TEL: 303-881-1913  

E-MAIL:  jenny@wildsoul.love

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