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Jenny Beede ~ Founder

Jenny thrives on the beauty of life, nature, and guiding others to find their life's purpose. She is a master transpersonal psychologist (studying non-ordinary states of consciousness), a master certified retreat guide , a transformational coach, and an agent of cultural evolution.  Jenny has guided many women and men through nature-based transformational retreats using ecotherapy as a method of healing and reconnecting with nature.  She empowers women to be all that they are and to accept themselves fully.  Previously, she has worked as an interior designer, a private ski instructor, and a face painter. 


"In my coaching practice and during transformational retreats, I work with individuals who are interested in discovering themselves.  Most of my clients are seeking harmony and a feeling of wholeness.  I believe Transformational coaching is the amplifying work of coaching the whole person. I take retreat participants on amazing journeys to explore enigmatic sacred sites and extraordinary natural places of power.  Places that will inspire their soul and enliven every cell of their being. These journeys offer deep reconnection with the natural world as well as the wisdom within. Wild Soul Retreats also serve a bigger purpose, to take part in a movement expanding consciousness towards a more loving, kinder and collaborative world.  I take pleasure in knowing that I am a part of the creation of a global tribe of individuals who passionately support one another, no matter their physical location.  I feel I have synthesized my life experience, education, and passion into a life with a purpose.  I feel it is my unique purpose to create atmospheres, experiences and opportunities for others to cultivate self-realization.  Thank you for reading my story!  I look forward to the possibility of our future adventures together!" ~ Jenny  

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